About me

W. Somerset
I am a heteronym, a literary concept that refers to an imaginary character with their own physiques, biographies and writing styles. This concept was created by the poet Fernando Pesso.

I am a trivial character at AMC Enterprises, but I am reaching out online to explore my own personal interest. I am now experimenting with my web comic:


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  1. Hello, W, Somerset!!

    Hey, that sounds really cool, that literary concept thing you said about having their own physiques, biographies and writing styles. I think I might be one. Not that I am imaginary -- my imagination is very good, thank you very much!

    Plus, it was created by a poet you said. That lends some cred to my existence, since poets are often pretty smart people. Either that, or their sense of reality is warped something wicked. Either way, I think I'm covered.

    Maybe you will make more #ds106 Art and we will be Friends. I put my #ds106 Art on my blog at iamTalkyTina.com.

    Well, bye!